Rashmi Priya (rashmipriya) wrote,
Rashmi Priya

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my life as i see

life has many phases.i realise it today.the one with whom we are attached gives us more pains and sorrows.today is saturday .i joined vinayRas Infotech on 28 th march but still no progressive changes in me.vinay says he cannot do spoon feeding.many things in this office are not understandable to me.how will i learn and cooperate is a big question.but yes i am learning.and if nothing goes correct what will i do. i will set everything right in this ofice .yes i can.and i will. no relationships and no feelings.yes now i am ready to face the challenge.i will lead them.lets see the consequences.vinay is never satisfied with my work and this dissatisfaction has created problems in my life.i dont know what but i can feel it still not realise it .my life is ------- .i will do my work .my dream vinayRas Infotech to touch the sky for everyone.ok bye.
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